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Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control

As a Florida-based company, we understand how to properly manage pests and diseases in the landscape environment through proper cultural practices, such as mowing height and water management, and if necessary, with the the proper application of herbicides, insecticides, and targeted plant nutrients.

All are a necessary part of any landscape management program. To better manage this part of our program we have adopted an approved "green list" of chemicals used by our technical services department. 


This list is reviewed periodically to assure that we are up-to-date with all of the latest advances in technology.  We always strive to use the least toxic yet most effective methods available. 

Our commitment to quality, service and the environment, allow us to keep our turf green and our shrubs healthy.  AmeriScapes is licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in the categories of Lawn and Ornamental as well as Aquatics.  All our team members are carded by FDACS under our certified applicators. 


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